Got the chance to visit with 2 of my favorite shop keepers here in Portland. Diane Toepfer of Ferdinand and Alice Dunn of Portland Salvage. I was happy to see after 10 yrs they both were still in business and going strong. Great ladies doing great things with their passion and creativity. Next on my list is Melissa over at Fiacre. My other happy spot is Artist and Craftsman Supply, nice to see such a shop still exists with the competition from those “other” chains!

Had the opportunity to catch the dynamic team of Trent Bell and Janice Dunwoody in action a few weeks ago on a shoot for Maine Home. Trent found just the right light and angles to make each room stand out once Janice applied her styling expertise to high light the architecture. It was a pleasure to watch them make the house sparkle. Looking forward to seeing the images in print!

Stopped in at Nicola’s in Yarmouth with Janice and she introduced me to Jen Chandler, decorator extraordinaire. Jen mentioned the idea of sea foam green in decorating a shore house and how it really doesn’t exist anywhere but in decorator land, BTW she is not a fan..:) While i was out at Crescent Beach and Mackworth Island I kept my eyes open for such a color…and no i didn’t see it all. Lots of beautiful grays, sea weed greens, browns and tones of red even purple..oh and beiges gray-eiges as well but no sea foam. I think it must be friends with mauve.

Looking forward to more exploring and connecting as we head into the holidays!